Game Name: Emoji Mahjong

Emoji Mahjong Instructions:

Emoji Mahjong is an online mahjong based game based upon your most loved Emojis! The world is changing , and it is changing the way we communicate. Today, people communicate best using emojis which help convey emotion and even actions. There are smiley eyes, angry face sad faces, and hilarious faces! There are also the emojis of cats and monkeys. The online puzzle game includes Emoji tiles that have patterns based on emojis to play with and then solve. On the right side of the screen you'll see your score, your level as well as a timer. If you're stuck with a pattern you're able to play an hint or shuffle. But, these choices will decrease your score, so make use of them sparingly and carefully. The game has 80 levels with a variety of Emoji-based patterns to work through! After you've completed all the 80 levels, you can check the High Scores board to determine how far you've come at the top! Take a look at this mahjong based on emojis game you can play for hours.

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