Game Name: Letter Mahjong

Letter Mahjong Instructions:

Letter Mahjong, a variation on mahjong, is a game that uses a different type of tile set. This online mahjong game uses numbers and letters instead of traditional tiles. To make it easier to find matching pairs, the characters are color-coded. This online game has 144 levels with different challenges and patterns. Your time and the use of hints will determine your score. Your score will drop the longer you wait. You also lose points if the hint or shuffle buttons are used. You can play all 144 levels in this online mahjong game! To see if your score is high, you can submit it!


Click on the matching letters and the open letters to play mahjong. If a tile has at least one side (right, left) unoccupied and is not being covered by another tiles, it is considered open. You can only match lowercase and uppercase letters in this game. Any other tile can be used to match heart tiles. To help you solve the puzzle, you can use the hint or shuffle buttons on the lower right-hand side panel.

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