Game Name: Hearts - Card Game

Hearts - Card Game Instructions:

Hearts Card Game has quite some rules, however it's an extremely played card game if you decide to master the rules. If you're looking to take some break from solitaire this could be a great alternative.

Players in Hearts Game

Hearts is played by four players, who take turns playing individually.

Cards Info

Hearts utilizes a regular French-fitted card deck consisting of 52. They are ordered from lowest to highest A - K - Q - J 10 9 - 8 - 7 - 6-5 4 - 3 2. There isn't a Trump suit.

Deal in the Game

Each player gets 13 cards. The order of dealing is clockwise.


After having a look at their hands After looking over their hands, each player picks three cards, then passes them face-down to the next player. Each player need to exchange their decks prior to when they are able to look over the cards they've been dealt. The order of passing is 1. to the left player 2. to the person to your right, 3 to the person who is across from you, then 4. No passing. This cycle continues until the game ends.


Following the initial pass of the card, the person who has the 2 of clubs must play the card to begin playing the trick. Everyone else must play the same way whenever it is possible. If a player does not have suits in their suit a card from any other suit could be taken away. One exception is in the event that a player does not have clubs at the time that they are conducted by the dealer, it is a Hearts or the Queen of Spades cannot be played.

The highest card in the suit is the one that wins the trick, since there are no Trumps in Hearts. The winner takes all the cards, and can begin on the second trick. Hearts cannot be lead until Hearts or Queen of Spades has been played (this is known as "breaking" hearts). the Queen of Spades is able to be played at any point.

Scoring in Hearts

The aim for Hearts is scoring as little points as is possible. After every hand, the total number of Hearts the player has taken is determined. Each card in the Hearts suit earns 1 point. In addition, the Queen of Spades gives 13 points. If one player has been able to win the entire thirteen Hearts as well as Queen of Spades, Queen of Spades, that player is able to take 26 points off his score, or include 26 points in each another player's total score.

Game End

The game is over when one player gets to 100 points. The player who scores the lowest is the winner.

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