Game Name: Deck of Cards Mahjong

Deck of Cards Mahjong Instructions:

Deck of Cards Mahjong combines elements of mahjong and poker cards to create a puzzle game called Deck of Cards Mahjong. The online game features a beautiful background and music. This online mahjong game is based on the rules of mahjong, but you can play poker cards instead. Instead of matching mahjong tiles with cards, you match cards with the same number and suit. This is not a fast game. There are 120 levels, each with a different pattern and different challenges that you can conquer. Some patterns are for spelling out words, while others are beautiful designs. Each one presents a challenge, and each requires a different strategy. To see if you are among the top 200 players in this card game, select the High Scores. Keep playing until you reach the top 200 players.

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