Game Name: Spooky Mahjong

Spooky Mahjong Instructions:

Spooky Mahjong, a mahjong board game that features horror-themed tiles, is called Spooky Mahjong. This puzzle game is perfect for those who love scary stories and horror movies. Match tiles with images depicting monsters instead of traditional tiles. The tiles can be matched with images of ghosts, bats and devils. The background images include abandoned homes, cemeteries, pirate ships, and other eerie scenes. This online game has 30 levels. Each level is timed and you have to complete each level on time in order to move onto the next one. Every game will have a different pattern that presents a challenge. The game will highlight tiles that are available to give you help if you get stuck. The game will automatically shuffle if you run out moves. To see your username at top, submit your highest score!

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