Game Name: Sushi Mahjong

Sushi Mahjong Instructions:

Sushi Mahjong can be played as a free game of mahjong. Everyone loves sushi, and everyone loves mahjong. Game designers have created the perfect combination of Sushi and Mahjong. This cute, aesthetic mahjong game will allow you to match and snag all your favorite sushi dishes. As you progress up the ladder, you'll become more and more successful. Sushi Mahjong, a free Mahjong video game, has great graphics and can be played on both your mobile device or on your computer. The theme revolves around finishing your meal in a restaurant, doing it quickly and accurately, and completing the task on time. Match mahjong tokens with the same symbol, which can also be open and not locked in, is what this game entails. It is a classic mahjong game, but with a sushi twist. We think you will love it. We are certain that you will love Sushi Mahjong, no matter if you like the relaxed vibe or the strategic decisions you must make.

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