Game Name: Golden Autumn Mahjong

Golden Autumn Mahjong Instructions:

Golden Autumn Mahjong, a mahjong board game that has a beautiful autumn theme, is called Golden Autumn Mahjong. Fall is peaceful because of its golden leaves, cool air and pumpkin spice lattes. The beauty of autumn is incorporated into this sliding mahjong board game. Beautiful fields, golden skies and beautiful sunflowers adorn the backgrounds at different levels of this mahjong. This peaceful online game has 25 levels. You must slide to one another, not click on open tiles like other mahjong game. You can only move one tile at a time and each tile will only slide to the end. Each level is timed so you must complete it before the time runs out. You lose the game if you do not complete the level on time. To find out if you're one of the top mahjong player, submit your score at the conclusion of the game.

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