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Background: Mild cognitive Impairment (MCI), is common in elderly people. Effective treatment to reverse or stabilize the cognitive decline caused by MCI has not been found. Recent research suggests that mahjong can improve memory and attention in older people. It is not yet known if it has any effect on executive functioning.

Methods 56 seniors (74.3 +-4.3 years of age), with MCI from First Social Welfare and First Nursing Home of Nanchong were randomly assigned to mahjong or control groups ( N = 28 each). The mahjong group had subjects who played mahjong three days a week for twelve weeks. While the controls were able to do normal daily activities, those in the mahjong groups did so every other week. The Montreal Cognitive Assessment–Beijing, the Shape Trail Test and the Functional Activities Questionnaire were used to assess executive function before and after mahjong administration.

Results There was no difference in baseline MoCA-B and STT scores or FAQ scoring between these two groups. However, the MoCA-B and STT scores as well as FAQ scores improved in the mahjong groups, but not in those in the control after the 12-week mahjong administration. STT and FAQ scores also showed significant correlations.

Conclusions Mahjong played for 12 weeks increased executive function in elderly people with MCI. Mahjong can be used to reverse or slow down cognitive decline in MCI patients, as it is an inexpensive entertainment activity.

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