All you need to know about British Mahjong Game Online

Best Classic Mahjong is an innovative puzzle game that takes the classic mahjongg style gameplay to the next level. As with mahjongg, the goal of the game is to remove all tokens from the board by connecting two matching tiles. Connections can be made either in straight lines or with up to two turns.

If you manage to clear the board you can move on to the next of the 12 stages. The faster you manage to clear them, the higher your score will be. Will you manage to go through all of the levels? Play Best Classic Mahjong Connect for free and prepare to get hooked to your screen again and again and again.

The exotic tiles, the oriental associations and the rituals which surround the game lend it a certain mystique and perhaps make it somewhat forbidding. However, although the rules are quite intricate, the rudiments of play are surprisingly easy to master and it is not unusual for a beginner to do quite well.

Origins of the Game

Although there have been claims for its antiquity, it seems most likely that the game originated in the Ningpo area of China in the latter half of the nineteenth century. It quickly spread to other countries in the early part of the twentieth century, becoming popular in the West in the 1920’s.

Forms of the Game

Along the way the rules mutated into a variety of national forms; Hong Kong, Japanese, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Western Classical, American, etc. Even within one country there are home grown variations. This lack of standardization is reflected in the many books which have been written on the subject. And it’s shared by the, often obscure, rule books that accompany Mah-Jong sets. It’s a confusion that can be quite frustrating for the newcomer trying to learn the game.

Unlike certain other versions, the British game is quite close to the original Chinese gambling game, but it is played differently and with only notional money.

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